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This page is devoted to a mixed and interesting variety of unique wooden items, or treen. Some are quirky, others are elegantly and intricately carved and all of them are excellent collectables. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us to see if we can help you find it!

All measurements are approximate and condition is noted in each description. Please take a look at our Terms of Sale for ordering and postal information. Clicking on the pictures will give you a larger image so you can see the fine details of each piece.

Large Carved Wooden Bowl with Fruit

Large Carved Wooden Bowl with FruitThis unusual bowl has been carved out of a single piece of wood and comes with six pieces of carved wooden fruit. The bowl itself is carved in a rustic fashion and the handle is shaped like a branch or vine. The bowl and fruit have been varnished and polished and the flat base has been left in natural wood. This item was probably made on the African or Asian continent. It is in excellent condition and will make a wonderful centrepiece for the table or coffee table. Measurements:Bowl: 33cm (13") length; 23cm (9") width; 20.5cm (8") depth Condition:Excellent Quantity:One Price:24.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Carved Bowl Fruit - Top

Small Hard-Wood Goblet

Small Hard-Wood GobletThis lovely little treen goblet has been made from a hardwood, machine turned and highly polished. It is probably Victorian and can be used for display or as a posy vase for dried flowers. Apart from a small crack to the base on one side, measuring approximately 2cm (.75in), this item is in good condition. SOLD Measurements:11cm (4 3/8 Condition: Quantity:One Price:6.99 Status:SOLD Additional Images:Wooden Goblet - Base Wooden Goblet - Crack

Carved Olive Wood Candle Stick From The Holy Land

Carved Olive Wood Candle Stick From The Holy LandThis superbly carved candlestick from the Holy Land is made from olive wood and has been cleverly worked into an open double spiral and polished to a smooth finish. This has effectively turned it into a sculpture and is very attractive and extremely tactile. There is a Hebrew word written onto the dished area of the drip tray. Apart from one small graze to the wood on one edge of the dish, measuring approximately .5cm in length, this candlestick is in very good condition. Although these items are still made today as souvenirs, this candlestick or holder was probably made around the 1920's. It is a lovely treen item. SOLD Measurements:18cm (7 Condition:Very Good (See above) Quantity:One Price:24.99 Status:SOLD Additional Images:Olive Wood Candlestick

Carved Hardwood Oval Hors'Doeuvres Dish

Carved Hardwood Oval Hors'Doeuvres DishThis beautifully carved oval hors'doeuvres dish has been made from a hardwood and was probably made somewhere on the African or Asian continent. It has three sections which have been hollowed out smoothly into avocado-shaped dishes and decorated in between with floral carvings. This dish is very tactile and will make a lovely centrepiece for the table, as well as being a useful serving dish. It is in excellent condition. Measurements:29cm (11.5") length; 19.5cm (7.75") width; 5cm (2") depth Condition:Excellent Quantity:One Price:14.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Carved Oval Bowl - Back Carved Oval Bowl - Pattern 1 Carved Oval Bowl - Pattern 2

African Hardwood Large Carved Bowl

African Hardwood Large Carved BowlThis large carved bowl is made from a heavy, dark African hardwood which looks and feels like ebony but is slightly lighter in colour. It has a carved picture of a man on either side, resting on his knees and elbows on the ground. Although the carving is fairly rustic in nature, it is still quite neat and intricate. Apart from one small crack in the wood on one side of the rim, measuring approximately 2cm (.75"), and another hairline on the opposite side this bowl is in good condition. It would make an excellent fruit bowl for the table. Measurements:6.5cm (2.5 Condition:Good (see above) Quantity:One Price:14.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Large Carved Bowl - Back Large Carved Bowl - Pattern 1 Large Carved Bowl - Pattern 2 Large Carved Bowl - Crack

African Hardwood Wall Mask - Nigeria

African Hardwood Wall Mask - NigeriaThis attractive wall mask from Nigeria is made from a very dark, heavy African hardwood with an extremely tactile polished surface. It looks and feels like ebony. It has been very neatly carved and expertly polished to a smooth surface on the face, with two slits underneath the eyes, which is very effective against a white background. The reverse of the mask has been roughly carved but polished to a smooth finish. It makes an eyecatching wall decoration. Measurements:20.5cm (8") Condition:Excellent Quantity:One Price:24.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Carved Wall Mask - Back

African Ebony Small Gazelle Head Wall Hanging

African Ebony Small Gazelle Head Wall HangingThis nicely carved African gazelle's head wall hanging is made from ebony and is polished to a smooth finish. Probably from Kenya originally. Apart from a couple of small scratches on one side, it is in excellent condition. A charming and unusual item. Measurements:12cm (4.75 Condition: Quantity:One Price:12.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Gazelle Wall Hanging - Side View 1 Gazelle Wall Hanging - Side View 2

Novelty Continental Handpainted Wooden Wine Bottle Holder

Novelty Continental Handpainted Wooden Wine Bottle HolderThis novelty wine bottle container is a real fun item. Made on the continent and turned from wood, it has been brightly handpainted to resemble a man in national dress who is playing a mandolin-type instrument. It has been made in three separate sections, so that you can simply remove the lid (which is the head) in order to pour the wine. To insert the wine into the holder, you simply remove the second section, or body area. This bottle holder is in excellent condition. A great place to keep your favourite tipple! Measurements:33.75cm (12.5") height; 9cm (3.5") - diameter Condition:Excellent Quantity:One Price:7.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Wooden Bottle Holder - Back Wooden Bottle Holder - in 2 Pieces Wooden Bottle Holder - in 3 Pieces