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Welcome to our metal and silverware page. We have an interesting mixture of decorative and practical metal, plated and silverware items in this category. Some are by individual artists and designers and have been wrought and decorated by hand and others have the hallmark of well-known silversmiths or designers - all have their individual appeal and collectability. Many items are decorative as well as practical and all of them are excellent collectors' items! If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us to see if we can help you find it!

All measurements are approximate and condition is noted in each description. Please take a look at our Terms of Sale for ordering and postage information. Clicking on the pictures will give you a larger image so you can see the fine details of each piece.

Large Copper Tea Kettle - c. 1840

Large Copper Tea Kettle - c. 1840This superb copper tea kettle from the mid-19th century has a copper lid with a brass knob. The handle is made from copper and the supporting straps are brass, riveted to the kettle. The rim of the opening is trimmed with brass. There are a couple of solder points to the base and another towards the bottom of the kettle on one side, measuring approximately 5cm (2") in length. There are a few very small dents to the copper which are commensurate with this item's age but all of these faults are minor and simply add to the character and rusticity of this lovely kettle. There are no further repairs and it is in excellent condition for its year. A wonderful, stunning display piece! Measurements:33cm (13") - height; 30.5cm (12") - width to spout-tip; 21.5cm (8.5") - diameter Condition:One or two repairs, a few small dents, otherwise good. Quantity:One Price:224.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Antique Copper Kettle 2 Antique Kettle Base Repair Antique Kettle Side Solder

Newlyn Style Arts & Crafts Hand-Hammered Copper Teapot/ Kettle Stand

Newlyn Style Arts & Crafts Hand-Hammered Copper Teapot/ Kettle StandThis unusual teapot stand from the arts and crafts period has been hand hammered into an organic sunflower design. It has a nice patina and the reverse of the stand has darkened with verdigris over the years. Curled copper feet have been riveted to the stand. This is a stunning display piece. Measurements:15.25cm (6") - square; 2cm (.75") - height Condition:Very Good Quantity:One Price:49.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Arts & Crafts Teapot Stand Pattern Arts & Crafts Teapot Stand - Back

J. Sankey & Sons Art Nouveau Lizard Skin Oval Copper Tray

J. Sankey & Sons Art Nouveau Lizard Skin Oval Copper TrayThis unusual copper tray is typical of the kind of metalware produced by Joseph Sankey & Sons during the Art Nouveau period and dates from about 1890 - 1910. It has been made in an oval shape and embossed with the popular lizard skin design found on many of the company's water jugs. This Copper Tray has a nice patina and the initials "JS&S" are embossed on the reverse of the tray. It makes a superb display piece. Measurements:30.5cm (12") length; 23cm (9") width; 2.5cm (1") depth Condition:Very Good Quantity:One Price:24.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Oval Copper Tray Backstamp

Japanese Cloisonne Bird & Blossom Green Foil Ground Small Vase

Japanese Cloisonne Bird & Blossom Green Foil Ground Small VaseThis gorgeous Japanese cloisonne vase is decorated with a delicate wirework under enamel pattern which shows a picture of a little green and white bird on a branch, with his head turned backwards. The top of the branch is covered with white blossom and the bottom is covered with pink and white blossom. There is no picture at the back of the vase, which has an emerald green foil ground with an integral subtle foliage pattern. The rims at the top and base of the vase are made of silver metal and the words "JAPAN CLOISSONE" are stamped on the metal on the underside of the vase. I can find one tiny surface scratch on the left hand side of the bird, measuring around 2mm in length and a very light surface scratch just underneath the rim of the vase. There is some limescale deposit just inside the rim of the vase but all of these are minor faults and cannot be seem when the vase is displayed. It is otherwise in excellent condition. This vase is not signed and we would put its production as being around the early part of the twentieth century. It makes a stunning display piece! Measurements: 9cm (3.5") height; 8.25cm (3.25") - diameter Condition:Very Good Quantity:One Price:124.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Green Cloisonne Vase - Back Green Cloisonne Vase - Top Green Cloisonne Vase - Base

E.P.N.S. Hard Soldered Toast Rack - Initials

E.P.N.S. Hard Soldered Toast Rack - Initials This very attractive E.P.N.S. toast rack is a quality piece of plated tableware and will take four pieces of toast. It has the initials "J.S.S." impressed on the base, along with "E.P.N.S." and the initials "AI" in a diamond shape. The words "HARD SOLDERED" are also impressed on the base. This toast rack is in excellent condition.  SOLD Measurements:11.5cm (4.5 Condition: Quantity:One Price:12.99 Status:SOLD Additional Images:E.P.N.S. Toast Rack - Top E.P.N.S. Toast Rack - Hallmark

E.P.N.S. Hard Soldered Lidded Milk/ Cream Jug by Gamages of Holborn

E.P.N.S. Hard Soldered Lidded Milk/ Cream Jug by Gamages of HolbornThis sweet little E.P.N.S. milk or cream jug has a hinged lid which keeps the spout free for pouring and a bakelite handle and knop to the lid. The following words are stamped on the base: "GAMAGES HOLBORN MADE IN ENGLAND GUARANTEED HARD SOLDERED E.P.N.S." It has a few light surface scratches through normal use and a very slight dent towards the bottom of the jug. There is also some slight discolouration to the centre of the base on the inside of the jug, through normal use, but it is in otherwise very good condition. It makes an attractive piece of plated tableware.  SOLD Measurements:13.5cm (5.25 Condition: Quantity:One Price:4.99 Status:SOLD Additional Images:E.P.N.S. Milk Jug - View 2 E.P.N.S. Milk Jug - Backstamp