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Small Hard-Wood Goblet

Small Hard-Wood GobletThis lovely little treen goblet has been made from a hardwood, machine turned and highly polished. It is probably Victorian and can be used for display or as a posy vase for dried flowers. Apart from a small crack to the base on one side, measuring approximately 2cm (.75in), this item is in good condition. SOLD Measurements:11cm (4 3/8 Condition: Quantity:One Price:6.99 Status:SOLD Additional Images:Wooden Goblet - Base Wooden Goblet - Crack

Large Copper Tea Kettle - c. 1840

Large Copper Tea Kettle - c. 1840This superb copper tea kettle from the mid-19th century has a copper lid with a brass knob. The handle is made from copper and the supporting straps are brass, riveted to the kettle. The rim of the opening is trimmed with brass. There are a couple of solder points to the base and another towards the bottom of the kettle on one side, measuring approximately 5cm (2") in length. There are a few very small dents to the copper which are commensurate with this item's age but all of these faults are minor and simply add to the character and rusticity of this lovely kettle. There are no further repairs and it is in excellent condition for its year. A wonderful, stunning display piece! Measurements:33cm (13") - height; 30.5cm (12") - width to spout-tip; 21.5cm (8.5") - diameter Condition:One or two repairs, a few small dents, otherwise good. Quantity:One Price:224.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Antique Copper Kettle 2 Antique Kettle Base Repair Antique Kettle Side Solder

Victorian Unmarked 9ct Gold Brooch - Signed "A.J.C."

Victorian Unmarked 9ct Gold Brooch - Signed
This beautiful Victorian brooch is made from 9ct gold (verified by Sotheby's) and has the maker's signature "A.J.C." stamped on the back.  The scalloped edges and applied flowers to the raised central gallery appear to be made from rose gold, adding an extra lustre to the brooch's appearance.  The border of the brooch is finely tooled, as is the flower decoration.  The pin has been replaced at some time with a white metal and is extremely sturdy.  A fine gold safety chain and pin are attached to the brooch.  Apart from a slight graze to the gold on the bottom edge of the frame, which is a minor fault, this brooch is in very good condition for it's age and very decorative.  A lovely piece of Victorian jewellery!
Measurements:4cm (1.5in) long and 1.25cm (.5in) wide. Chain: Approx. 5.75cm (2.25in) long. Condition:Good (see above) Quantity:One Price:89.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Victorian Gold Brooch - Back Victorian Gold Brooch - Intials

Victorian Rose Gold Jet Stone Mourning Pin Brooch

Victorian Rose Gold Jet Stone Mourning Pin Brooch
This very attractive Victorian mourning brooch is made from rose gold, complete with back pin and a smooth single jet stone set into an applied tool decorated setting.  It is in very good condition. A superb little piece of Victorian jewellery!
Measurements:4.75cm (1 7/8ths in) long and .75cm (.25in) across the stone. Condition:Very Good Quantity:One Price:59.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Victorian Mourning Brooch - Back

La Mignonne French Victorian Folding Opera Glasses

La Mignonne French Victorian Folding Opera Glasses
This super pair of folding opera glasses are from the Victorian era and the words "LA MIGNONNE PATENT BTE S.G.D.G." are stamped on the small handle attached ot the right hand side of the glasses.  They are made mainly of brass and have an adjusting wheel at the centre for the focus.  The large lenses fold down flat for portability.  Although these glasses do not have a case, they are in very good condition for their year and the glass is not damaged.  An ideal item for the collector, which can still be used at the opera or theatre.  SOLD
Measurements:10cm (4in) long x 7cm (2.75in) wide x 1.5cm (2in) deep. Condition:Good Quantity:One Price:49.99 Status:SOLD Additional Images:French Opera Glasses - 2 French Opera Glasses - 3 French Opera Glasses - 4

Large Victorian Oblong Linen Table Cloth - Completely Handworked

Large Victorian Oblong Linen Table Cloth - Completely Handworked
This lovely Victorian linen tablecloth has been completely handworked with very neat and intricate embroidery along the full length of one border and turning the corner at each end to extend for approximately 31cm (12in).  The fact that this cloth has puposely been embroidered along one side makes it particularly suitable to cover a large table which is placed against a wall.  It is exquisitely embroidered and the hemline has been handworked with openwork.  The work has been so well executed that it is very difficult to tell which is the right side of the cloth.  One lengthwise edge, opposite the embroidered edge, has been left as a selvedge and unhemmed.  Apart from two very small marks on one hem, which are close together and measure approximately 1mm and 2mm respectively and cannot be seen when the cloth is displayed, this cloth is in excellent condition.
Measurements:228cm (90in) L x 131cm (51.5in) W Condition:Two tiny marks on hem, otherwise in excellent condition Quantity:One Price:49.99 Status:For Sale Additional Images:Large Embroidered Tablecloth - 2 Large Embroidered Tablecloth - 3